TRY is a science-based yoga class that has been proven effective as both a response to trauma and a preventative measure to arm you with go-to resources and techniques help expedite recovery. In addition, it provides methods to help you stay calm in situations and support others who are dealing with a traumatic injury.  (See class schedule below)

What to expect and what not to expect from first-responder centered yoga:

  • FREE 45 minute, authentic yoga, all levels of experience welcome, first responders and there family members (over 18)
  • You may get heated and stretched, choice is yours, "your mat, your rules"
  • Teacher practices with you, you set your own pace move as much or as little as our body prefers
  • No gear required, mats are provided  
  • First Responder focused method
  • Not a spiritual or religious based practice
  • Come as you are. No clothing requirements, in uniform, jeans, sweats, etc.  
  • No tricky postures, you will not be asked to stand on your head or pin your foot behind you ear
  • No chanting, no candles, no incense, no dark rooms or Sanskrit
  • Tension release, fuller breath, pain relief and a basic feeling of well being after class

Week of 11/18/17 through 11/22/17. Space is limited, please RSVP to Candace Caterer at  You will get a confirmation email once you are confirmed to attend.

Those wishing to attend any session should plan to meet up in the space between the Public Administrator building at 515 Shadow Lane and the Coroner’s Office at 1704 Pinto Lane.

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