Calmness and Centering- an alternative prescription

       Hello from T.R.Y.

        As I start our first blog here at T.R.Y. I though to start with an acknowledgement of the broad availability of calming and centering therapies yet the limited acceptance in Western Medicine. These activities vary from meditation, breathing, mindfulness to yoga. The difference between these therapies and traditional therapies is their somatic (physiological) affects. Historically western medicine has relied on psychological and pharmacological therapies which one can conclude do not address the physiological impact of trauma and it's lingering affects on the body.  Imagine if you will being startled; your heart rate races, you're shaking, you can't seem to imagine this happens to you daily due to PTSD! This is a struggle members of our community live with on he daily and a majority of them are not aware or do not have the support to find alternate medicines as mentioned above. Thankfully our military veterans have access to CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicines). This CAM access and funding has been in place since the 1950's yet there is still opportunity to increase acceptance and availability for veterans. If you know of a veteran struggling with PTSD and they are not aware of CAM, please let them know to ask at their local VA and get the help of this third therapy (physiological, pharmacological, physiological).

         These are just my observations from the research I've done thus far. As always I'm appreciative of any feedback, sharing and your observations. All of which continue to spread the awareness of somatic therapies for trauma.